Speaker & Retreat Leader

Are you looking for a Speaker?

Are you trying to find a leader for your next retreat?

Are you struggling to come up with a new, program idea?

I can help.

In addition to my work with individual clients, I love to share my knowledge with others through teaching and speaking.  

Since 1984 I’ve been the keynote speaker at numerous events large and small, been a guest lecturer at Harvard University, led seminars and retreats, and taught in a wide variety of settings large and small.
Whether your group is big or small, old or young, a crazy mixture of folks and ideas, you can rest assured that your program will be developed the way you want it to be. I will help you create an atmosphere of safety and comfort, so your program will be fun, interesting, interactive, and energizing. Don’t know what you want? We’ll figure it out together.


"I think Jo's strong points were her teaching abilities. She knows when to take things seriously and when to have fun. She was also very understanding if people did not know why we had to do certain things." — Participant in a class

"just want to tell you how wonderful it was to have you with us, leading us, guiding and inspiring us, on the retreat.. OH, and making us laugh like crazy!! you are an introvert, I know - where our energy COMES from, right? - but your social patter and ways are FABULOUS. I love to be with you AND while the talk can be light, it is not frivolous.... an important distinction." — Participant in a retreat