Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle form of bodywork that balances the natural rhythms of the central nervous system, encouraging the body to heal itself.  
This gentle therapy is great for people of all ages—infants, children and the elderly.

It is especially helpful for:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Migraine

  • Head/neck pain

  • TMJ Syndrome

  • Falls/whiplash/injuries

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic pain

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Stress-related problems

CST gets its name from 2 Latin words:  cranio (from cranium) which means "head" or "skull", and sacro (from sacrum) which means "tail-bone".

There's a pulse in the body created by Cerebrospinal fluid that flows from the head down to the sacrum and back up again.  This pulse can be felt, like an echo, anywhere in the body.  In a typical session, you will remain fully clothed, and relax comfortably on my padded treatment table.  (Most clients remark that it’s the most comfortable treatment table they’ve ever been on!)   I will gently monitor the “pulse” of your Craniosacral rhythm and encourage your body to correct itself.

The Results:

  • chronic tension patterns change,

  • muscles soften,

  • joints are more fluid,

  • and the whole system works more smoothly!

Our bodies have memory. They “remember” how to drive a car, ride a bicycle, sit, stand, walk, and all the other things we do in life.  Traumatic events can also be held in the body memory.  Somato-Emotional processing allows these body memories and emotions to rise up to awareness, allowing them to be healed.  I'm trained to help you work through those feelings and release them from your body if that is what you want.  I will work with you to help you reconnect with your body at a pace and touch that is appropriate for you.  

In all treatments, boundaries of safety and ethics are strictly upheld.  Your treatment is never sexual.  You will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion as you follow your own path to balance and deep healing.


"Jo is attentive to you as a person in addition during session her hands are very attentive to your Cerebral spinal fluid and where you are holding the most resistance. I trust Jo and I trust my 8 year old with her and would refer anyone to her! She is an amazingly intuitive and gifted therapist. You are in good hands, when with Jo." — Mother of 8-yr old

"Every step she takes she is patient with me, kind and positive. When I leave I feel calm and relaxed and want Mommy to book another appointment!" — patient, 8 yrs. old

“Amazing teacher, intuitive, gentle, powerful healer!  Johanna has an innate ability to sense, feel, teach and hold a safe space for the individual as they are innately connect to their healing process.  A true Master!” M.  Student, client