1 to 1 On-Line Coaching

Want to get all the benefits of Tai Chi, but can't find a class near you? 
Can't find a class that fits into your schedule?
You've tried a class before and the instructor didn’t explain the moves?
You can't find an instructor who can address your particular concerns?

1 to 1 On-line Coaching is the perfect solution!

Convenient:  Schedule your lessons at a time that works for you

Private:  You get my full attention--all in the privacy of your own home/setting

Personalized:  Lessons are geared to you--your needs, your concerns, your questions

Proceed at your own pace:--you can space your lessons close together or far apart

Video recording for your own practice:  I'll send you a recording of your lesson, so you can watch it over and over

Personal Support: Got a question?  E-mail me.  I’m here to support you, so you have e-mail access between sessions.

How does it work?? 

  • You’ll need a computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or other personal device to access the internet

  • Download Zoom to your device (find the link here)

  • I’ll send you a link (in your e-mail) for your lesson.

  • When it’s time for your lesson, you click the link in your e-mail—

It’s that easy

Contact me for more information


Great First Session.  I had my first private tai chi session with Johanna yesterday and it was wonderful.  I’ve been away most of the summer and missed a lot of classes.  Johanna videoed the first segment of the tai chi form so I can practice at home, which is very helpful.  I’m looking forward to more sessions.” 

— P.  Tai Chi student