Johanna Hattendorf, NCLMT, M.Div., 2nd Degree Black Belt

I am a Board certified, licensed Massage Therapist; Certified TRE®:Provider, nationally certified Tai Chi and Self-Defense Instructor; and ordained Minister, with over 30 years of experience working with issues of body, mind and spirit.  

I began my own spiraling journey in 1984, as an Ordained Pastor in the United Church of Christ and followed that in 1988, with a post-masters certificate in counseling.  I’ve served churches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, been a speaker at local, state and national events, led workshops, retreats, and seminars and was a guest lecturer at Harvard University for 3 years.  Today, I continue to teach and speak at conferences, lead seminars and retreats, and hold workshops on issues of body, mind and spirit. 

In 1992, my journey into healing body, mind and spirit took another turn in the spiral by training as a massage therapist.  As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, my primary modalities are Craniosacral therapy, Somato-Emotional Processing, Massage and Reiki.  I specialize in working with trauma survivors, the elderly and people with chronic conditions that have not been resolved by other means. 

Another turn in the spiral brought me to martial arts in 1999, eventually achieving the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in Kung Fu and Tai Chi.  As a Nationally Certified Self-Defense Instructor and a Nationally Certified Tai Chi Instructor, I’ve taught tai chi and self-defense to kids, teens, adults, seniors, trauma survivors, and those with physical, cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

In 2016, the latest turn in the Spiral brought me to the innovative practice of TRE®: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.  Experiencing the calming benefits of the self-induced therapeutic Tremor spurred me on to be come a Certified TRE® Provider.  I  now teach these self-healing exercises to individuals and groups all over New England.  

These pieces continue to come together in my business, The Spiral Path, now located in Topsfield, MA.  Although this path is never ending, in everything I do, I seek to combine my unique combination of skills, abilities and talents in a multi-dimensional approach to balance and deep healing