Think self-defense is kicking and punching?  Think again.  Self-Defense is not the same as taking classes in martial arts.  (Although as a martial artist, I’m a big fan of keeping healthy with martial arts.)  Self-Defense is really about learning the skills you need to take care of yourself in a difficult situation.   Those skills might be staying aware, or speaking up for yourself, or using a big loud voice, or running away.  In fact, physical "fighting" is only a last resort. 

All of my Self-defense classes and workshops are designed using the Empowerment Model, which includes the 5 Fingers of Self-Defense:

  1. Think--use your mind and awareness before a situation begins

  2. Yell--use your voice--speak up for yourself, or defuse a situation

  3. Run--find the avenues of escape

  4. Fight--only as a last resort, and only if you have to

  5. Tell--get help, tell your story, start the healing process


Self-Defense and empowerment is for everyone!


I teach basic verbal and physical skills that most people can do--even when you are stressed out or afraid.  You don't have to be an athlete either.  

I’ve taught self-defense skills to 

  • Children

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • senior citizens

  • people with special needs

  • people with intellectual disabilities

  • deaf teens

  • trauma survivors and those with PTSD


People of all ages, shapes and physical condition have the right to live, work and play in safety.

Upcoming Self-Defense Workshops

Personal Safety and Self-Defense

Check back here for the next workshop

This will be a short, intro to the basic principles of Safety.  With fun activities as well as simple physical skills that anyone can use with strangers as well as people they know.  

Cost:  $45 per person

Location:  Wadsworth Village, Putnam Barn, in the Energy Inspired Fitness Studio

Class size is limited so pre-registration is required

Schedule a class for you and your group

Want to create a class for you or your group?  Let me know what you want.  I can design a workshop from 3 - 16 hours that is sure to meet your needs.

Workshops start at $75 per person for a 3 hour class—minimum of 6 students.

Contact me for more information.


"I attended 6 self defense classes. During these I was extremely impressed by her skills. All classes were well prepared and there was a good balance between talking, practice and evaluation." — Class Participant

"Jo taught us self-defense moves, but also made us aware of how to protect our personal space, which I thought was very important, because the boundaries can be a grey area. She also taught us to be aware of potentially threatening situations and how you could detect danger by following your instinct, meanwhile keeping your eyes and ears open." — Class Participant

"Jo taught the class with a lot of enthusiasm, she has the gift of grabbing and keeping a class' attention and teaching the subject in a way that won't let you forget easily what you learned." — Class Participant