Hi, I’m Johanna Hattendorf:  licensed certified massage therapist, certified self-defense and tai chi instructor, ordained minister, speaker, and seminar leader.   

I’m also a trauma survivor (Thriver!).  My spiral journey to healing has taken many twists and turns since 1985 when I started my healing journey.  I found help from many sources including:  counseling, therapeutic massage, martial arts, self-defense, Tai Chi, and Craniosacral therapy. 

In my life and work, these pieces have come together for me providing a deeper understanding of trauma as it is held in the body, as well as how to heal myself and others in a safe and supportive way—body, mind and spirit.

I’ve dedicated the past 30 years to learning how to help others on their healing journeys.  You can find much more info about me and the services I offer in this web-site.  Feel free to explore.  Then when you are ready, contact me.